Entrepreneurs Coalition International

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring about societal transformation through the entrepreneurial spirit and efforts of entrepreneurs. We exist to serve, support, protect and defend individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises in order to assure their survival and success.

Our Vision and Focus

Our main focus is to empower entrepreneurs to take and maintain control of their enterprises while also preventing the enterprises from controlling them and their loved ones. We will encourage, inspire, and assist entrepreneurs in building successful enterprises in order for them to provide opportunities for themselves, their families and others.

We will assist individual entrepreneurs in pursuing self-transformation, organizational transformation and to use their drive, spirit, and success to bring about the higher goals of societal transformation.

We will provide resources and information and always be available to assist in finding the surest means for entrepreneurs to become the agents of social change and collective prosperity.

We will maintain a legal defense fund to assist entrepreneurs against hostile litigation that threatens their enterprises and success. Many times entrepreneurs are drawn into litigation without any merit and they are forced to shut down their enterprises because of legal expenses.

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